Nguoi Rom Hay-scarecrow

Tiep chuyen van dong nghi si sau bo phim Nguoi Rom. Dat duoc thanh cong nho nho buoc dau, post cai thu len de chia vui voi pa con.

Rt Hon Boris Johnson,
Mayor of London,
The Queen’s Walk,
More London,
SE1  2AA
14th April 2009
Dear Mr Johnson,
Re: Illegal Immigrations
We totally support your view on amnesty for illegal immigrants. From our experience, such an effort will bring prosperity to London and help to reduce the crime rate. The UK government should do more in stopping illegal immigrants arriving on the island, as around 300.000 of them have done so in the last ten years. That task is definitely difficult for all related units within the central and local governments. 
Illegal Vietnamese people in the UK call themselves ‘Nguoi Rom’ or a ‘hay-scarecrow’ which means "something that can disappear in a flash at the flick of a lighter". Life is a journey and an identity helps the person to stay on the right track and avoid criminal routes such as the drug business. A human status for parents will ensure a good start for their innocent children. Your good initiative is criticized because of the possibility of a lead to demands for further amnesties. But, we believe that a system of reference will prevent that type of thought spreading out in the source countries of immigrants. Next to improvements in border control, community groups like us can work effectively in educating the future immigrants about not only the benefit but also the responsibility of their life here, as well as the right way for an immigrant’s path to take. Having empirical perspective as introduced above, we believe that your idea gains a strong inter-community support from London residents.
You are absolutely right when pointing out that it needs more than 30 years and a huge budget to deport more than 400.000 illegal immigrants living in the UK. No one starved hence their survival and working skills will positively contribute to the economy of London if they are granted the right to work and the responsibility to pay taxes. They are not allowed to take advantage from any social fund except emergency. They must sign the commitment to return to their origin country when the government has a plan to send them back. We believe that such rules will help to control the immigration flow and to encourage them not to become involved in any illegal business. A long time requirement for a resident’s permit (14 years as in previous amnesty) also helps to keep them on the right track.
We are very grateful if you could consider our
Yours Sincerely,
MR VU KHANH THANH MPhil, MBE                  Mr LE HAI
Former Councillor LB Hackney (2002-2006)      Film Maker
Director, An Viet Foundation
cc. Rt. Hon J. Smith Home Office Secretary,
      Rt. Hon Liam Byrne Home Office Minister,
      Debbie Reay Home Office Officer,
      Rt. Hon Meg Hillier MP,
      Rt Hon Bridget Prentice MP,
      Mark Kent, British Ambassador to Vietnam.

Va tren day cung la danh sach rat dai cac nhom can phai van dong, he he.

BTW, con mot chuyen khac nua, lien quan toi cai phim, cung duoc nhac so so tren Nguoi Viet. Nguoi viet da tot bung khong che nhung cai chua ok cua phim. Nhung co le neu che thi bai se hay hon. Link day

Con day la y kien cua 1 nguoi ban, bua hom do cung toi coi, va nhan xet nhu sau:

Vay thi chac la phai? noi’ khong thich roi, tai. ta chi? xem phim de giai tri’, nen chi thich phim bo Kim Dung thoi Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet., neu H. hoi? la thich hay khong thich.
Khong ranh lam’ ve may’ cai phim ngan’ nga’n nhu vay`. Coi may cai phim nhu vay`, tha’y doi song may nguoi trong phim kho? qua’.




2 Responses to “Nguoi Rom Hay-scarecrow”

  1. Chaien Says: Them chut thong tin ve Nguoi Rom.

  2. 8Fieu Says:

    Neu co them fong van nhg nguoi song chung quanh Nguoi Rom thi se thu vi hon.Ho co the noi chuyen tren troi, duoi dat gi cung duoc.
    Them ca nhg dong cuoi film cho biet (nhu Hai da ke) luc dau ho OK, nhg ve sau ho khg muon nhac den than fan Nguoi Rom cua minh.
    Cho xem doan ket de thay thai do cua tac gia, tiec la film cham lung, lai la kieu cham lung khg ro y, nen ghep vao bat cu film nao cung duoc.

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